Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Letter Home (September 1st)

Here is a copy of the letter I send home with the students today:

September 1, 2010


My name is Mrs. Denman and I have the privilege of being your child’s teacher for the 2010-2011 school year. I am very excited about having your child in my class and look forward to the busy year ahead of us!

Being the first day of school, today was extra busy, therefore, I probably did not have a chance to have an in depth conversation with you. Fortunately, our school is having Meet The Teacher Night on Wednesday, September 15th. The school will begin with a presentation in the gym at 7:00 pm. At 7:30 I will be giving a short presentation in our classroom followed by a question and answer period. If you cannot attend my 7:30 presentation, I will be repeating it at 8:00. During the presentation I will relay information for you about the expectations for a successful year in grade four/five.

I really look forward to meeting you. If you cannot attend please let me know and we can set aside time to meet when it is more convenient.

Thank you for your cooperation.

**Also, I have created a blog for our class this year. You can view it at I will update the blog often to notify you of any homework, assignments, quizzes/tests and other important information regarding the class activities. Feel free to comment on the blog!


Mrs. Denman

Meet The Teacher Night

Wednesday, September 15th

7:00 School Presentation in the Gym

7:30 Classroom Presentation (Portable 115)

8:00 REPEAT of Classroom Presentation

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome Back!! Beginning a new year...

Hi All!

This is my blog for our grade 4/5 class this 2010-2011 school year. On here I will update homework and assignments as well as tests so that all of you parents can stay connected. I will also post any letters home and information that is important for the students in my class.

I am really looking forward to this year. The combined grade 4/5 class is sure to be a busy and exciting place. I can't wait to share all of the important events and moments with you this year. Please feel free to comment on this blog or come see me at school. I am available in the early morning's at school or most of the time after school. If you have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to call me at Bishop Greschuk.


Mrs. Denman